‘American Idol’ judge raves about jaw-dropping cover of Christian Guardino’s Hozier: ‘You were on fire’

Christian Guardian delivered a spectacular cover of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” on Sunday night (April 24) during American idol.

The former America’s Got Talent contestant was excited about the opportunity to meet american idol alum Gabby Barrett, who returned to the show to offer advice to the top 14 contestants.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Guardino said.

“I remember the first time I heard this song, I had such a moving feeling and that’s kind of what I tried to focus on. Make people resonate with the words that you sing,” Guardino told Barrett of his song choice.

Barrett then shared her first impression of the contestant.

“My first impression of Christian is that I love Christian,” Barrett said before his performance, while framing him.

Barrett then offered Guardino some advice on his vocal endeavors.

“Gabby really helped me focus on the lyrics,” admitted Guardino. “During the session, she was telling me, focus on the melody at the beginning of the song.”

“I think he’ll do just fine!” Barrett added.

Donning a black and gold jacket, Guardino sang the lyrics to the chart-topping tune Hozier as the Idol judges and live audience looked on.

After her performance, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan swooned over her impressive vocal abilities.

“Christian, what I loved was when you had the microphone on the microphone stand. It wasn’t what you wanted to do, you wanted to grab the microphone from the start, because once you got away from that microphone stand, you took it to the next level,” Bryan said. “Then it went to another level, to another level. So listen, you know, think about these things if you’re not quite comfortable with something you’re doing make sure you’re firing on all cylinders right off the bat but man, your voice is still going strong. But great job on a difficult song.

“You’ve mastered the treble, bass, and full damnemic shape, I won’t even say the dynamics because that was something else entirely,” Richie said, praising his performance. “You were on fire for this and what I loved the most was that you held it. What Gabby told you was the truth, keep this volume til the very end. When you have exploded, it was incredible.

“It was really fiery, it was gospel, I could feel the spirit in the room that Sunday,” Perry added. “Christian, first of all, you look great. I love everything you’ve done to your hair, the cut, you bend over the whole thing. I think Gabby was right because you can sing anything and you can sing anyone and you can just do backflips, not like the other guy [Cameron Whitcomb], but you can do anything, so it’s about how you put it together and the journey of the song and telling the song with all that dynamic. I think you did really well, I think you picked some really cool songs and this one was amazing for you.

Christian Guardino’s performance finally secured him a place in the Top 11. american idol returns Monday, April 25 at 8/7c on ABC.

After being voted into the Top 11, he took to social media to celebrate the exciting news.

“WOW. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL!” Guardino wrote, “I’m so honored and so grateful to have made @AmericanIdol’s #Top11 but it’s not over yet. Idol is back TOMORROW night at 8/7c on @ABCNetwork and I’ll still need your votes to make it AGAIN.

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