Christian Lee Hutson and Phoebe Bridgers star on CBS

Christian Lee Hutson has made a name for himself in recent years, starting with his 2020 album Beginners, his first release on Anti-. In April, he followed this album with To leave. Hutson looked good this weekend on CBS Saturday morning as part of “Saturday Sessions”, as Hutson performed a trio of songs: “Rubberneckers”, “Lose This Number”, and “Just Like Heaven”.

For the first two songs, Hutson was actually joined by Phoebe Bridgers, who produced Hutson’s last two albums. As for “Just Like Heaven,” it was actually a cover of The Cure’s classic song and Hutson performed it on his own, playing acoustic guitar and singing.

Hutson previously said of “Rubberneckers,” “[Los Angeles is] such a heartbreaking place. You can see someone who fell on their face anywhere. If I walk through the door, I’ll probably find some within minutes. It’s a place of failure, and everyone who’s succeeded here – by any definition – is also someone who fell on their face 15 or more times before they figured out what they were doing or not doing. , just test the barriers. ”

Watch Hutson and Bridgers perform the aforementioned songs on CBS Saturday morning above.

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