Church music is streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music, Pandora

Uplifting Christian pop and instrumental music from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is now available on multiple streaming apps.

Church is registered as an official artist on streaming channels called “Church of Jesus Christ” on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora, a press release said Tuesday.

“Music is a way to worship God and feel the spirit,” Matthew Anderson, product manager, said in the press release. “We hope that this artist’s creation will not only provide members with a great source to boost their spirituality, but also give the church new ways to reach people who seek to feel the love of Christ.”

What’s available?

Listeners can create playlists using music produced by the church or recorded from live events. Some of the earliest albums posted on church accounts include:

  • A selection of hymns and the soundtrack from Season 1 of the Book of Mormon Video Series.
  • Hymns sung by popular Latter-day Saint artists.
  • Playlists will soon be added for more specific circumstances, such as songs for Sunday mood, inspiration or spirituality.

In addition to the official church artist account, two other artists on streaming services offer church music: Strive to Be offers music for young people, including an annual album with additional singles , and The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square features music from the choir.

Membership Benefits

Subscribers to these accounts will receive:

  • Updates when new music is released or additional music is added.
  • Soundtracks, instrumental versions of anthems, Face to Face event music and other songbooks.
  • Ability to add church music to your current playlists.
  • Ability to create your own church music playlists.

Links to subscribe

Here are the links for the new Church of Jesus Christ channels.

Artist of the Church of Jesus Christ:

Links to subscribe to Strive to Be artist:

Links to subscribe to the artist The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square:

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