Clay Music Takeaway Testimonial From The Production Of A New Album

In 2017, the Chinese American Clay Music Ministry visited Japan for the first time, holding worship and praise meetings in six cities. When Amy Sand, the founder of Clay Music, gave the eulogy on stage, she suddenly felt inspired: “Japan is relatively lacking in spiritual resources. It would be great if our songs could be translated into Japanese.

As a non-profit organization to spread the gospel, Clay Music was registered in California in 2004. Famous for their genre of popular music, this Amy Sand team has been invited to host more than 400 concerts across the world, with widely sung “Open the Darkest Corner” and “One Day”. Many Christians have testified that their hearts have been healed by the Lord through the songs of the music ministry.

In the summer of 2021, Amy unexpectedly received a message from a stranger saying, “Dear Amy, we have translated the anthem ‘Live Out Love’ into Japanese in Japan, hoping to get your permission. ” There had been a lot of news as such in the past, but it was different this time, which reminded him of the inspiration at the worship and praise meeting in Japan in 2017. Meanwhile, in recent years, Amy has also written of her desire to “translate their anthems into Japanese, Vietnamese and Arabic”.

It sounded like a reminder from God, “Are you not inspired? Then do it.

Just do it! Amy decided to respond to the post where she met song translator Professor Wu, who majored in Japanese studies. Professor Wu had also sung a number of hymns created by Clay Music in Japanese on his shows without music, which made Amy very excited, giving her consent for Professor Wu to begin translating and producing the anthems.

In an interview, Amy claimed that despite the 10 a.m. time difference with Professor Wu, she still responded enthusiastically. She was “very proactive, often telling me what hymns had been translated and singing them to me line by line. In addition, she taught our team how to sing hymns in Japanese.”

Although no one in Clay Music can speak Japanese, after three months of studying, practicing pronunciation and enunciation, the group finally completed the first album of Japanese anthems. Live the love June 30. A new lead singer who didn’t speak Japanese debuted on the new album as a bold move by the group. Even though the new member learned the language from scratch, he had the courage to challenge himself.

“God Opened the Way,” which is Amy Sand’s takeaway from translating and directing the Japanese hymn album. “God has given you everything you need. So everyone just needs to obey…He started a good work and accomplished it, which also touched our hearts.”

At the same time, Amy is convinced that what her team has done may not have a big impact instantly, but it is a road directed by God, like a small but steady stream, which will become smoother as it progresses. ‘he persists, and sweeter than he is. more obedient.

– Translated by Shuya Wang

见证| “神把这条路开好了” ——泥土音乐新专辑的翻译与录制

Clay Music Takeaway Testimonial From The Production Of A New Album

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