Doxxed doctors, library bomb threats and attacks on Pride centers: A week of escalating anti-LGBT violence

Last week, Carlson repeatedly defended the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, which, along with right-wing pundit Matt Walsh, has spent this week curating informational content about gender-affirming care on hospital websites. This created a self-perpetuating news cycle that apparently culminated in their victory laps, when, after ensuing harassment, hospitals removed the content, perhaps in the hope that the harassment would end, reaching their goal of making such care less accessible.

In one segment, as if to both reassure and ignite those watching, Carlson said“No parent should put up with this for a second, no matter what the law says. Your moral duty is to defend your children. This is an attack on your children and you should fight back. Four days earlier, a woman in the Massachusetts had been accused of issuing a bomb threat to Boston Children’s Hospital, accusing them of being “sick”, after which the hospital was closed but no bomb was found. Carlson and Libs’ response from TikTok and Walsh hasn’t been to back down, but to keep picking more hospitals, pushing harder for Republicans to join their ‘early-stage pogrom’ Because Carlson is just the guy Weekends are all about street harassment, when right-wing influencers and neo-Nazis fight back against those they’ve been told are after children, and are therefore acceptable targets, and for “retaliate”.

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