Elliot Page Praises ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Trans Story In Season 3

Page and showrunner Steve Blackman were adamant that Viktor’s gender identity is not “the main focus of the character,” but they plan to continue exploring these themes in future seasons.

When “The Umbrella Academy” star Elliot Page came out as a trans man in 2020, it was immediately apparent that it would change the trajectory of the hit Netflix show. Season 3, which premiered on Netflix last week, represented the first opportunity for the superhero show to address Page’s transition. Page’s character, Viktor Hargreeves, is also transitioning into the new season, but achieving this without feeling forced or insensitive was one of the biggest challenges the creative team faced. In a new interview with The Hollywood ReporterPage and “The Umbrella Academy” showrunner Steve Blackman talked about their approach to Viktor’s transition and what the new story means to them.

“I think one of the most special things about it is how it’s handled,” Page said. “It’s not devoid of emotional moments with the siblings, of course. I think they are each individually special and in relation to their specific relationship. The scene where Luther and Diego come down the stairs and Luther’s clumsiness and all those things, it was – simultaneously, I’m going through all of that, because I walked into that moment of being a trans person and perceived that way, and having all these new experiences that I didn’t have before. Then those scenes resonated with that, which was really amazing. We don’t see this when we don’t control our stories most of the time. So it was really special.

Steve Blackman also teased future plans to continue exploring the issue, but remained adamant that being trans is just one of many elements of Viktor’s character.

“I mean, I can only say it will impact Viktor’s storyline,” Blackman said. “We have some ideas of what we’d like to do if we’re lucky enough to have season 4. What I thought was good was that it didn’t become the storyline of the show, and with those lovely people you talk to, we were able to create something that felt very balanced and real, authentic. We want to continue to do that in the future.”

Page echoed that sentiment, but looks forward to telling more relevant trans stories about the show in the future, should it be picked up for another season.

Like Steve said, that’s not the main focus of the character,” Page said. “But naturally, moments and themes will arise that relate.”

Season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy” is now streaming on Netflix.

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