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Photo by Deb Gau Students perform a cheerleading scene at True Light Christian School’s upcoming spring music practice. This year’s musical, “The Game Plan,” follows the members of a youth soccer team who learn to trust God’s plans as they trust their coach’s instructions.

MARSHALL – Showtime was approaching for the students of True Light Christian School. All the cast of the school’s spring musical got together on Monday afternoon to polish their singing and acting ahead of a Wednesday matinee.

“We will try to go through it all”, choir director Sheri Sternke told the children on stage.

“It’s quite exciting” Sixth grader Silas Malone said he starred in the play.

“It’s exciting, and it’s nerve-wracking” said Ayden Keen.

True Light students will perform their springtime musical, “The Game Plan,” this week. Performances will take place at 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday and at 7 p.m. on Thursday and Friday.

“The Game Plan” follows a group of young footballers and cheerleaders as they prepare for a big game. The characters all come to trust God’s plans for them in different ways. For example, Malone portrays a star footballer who learns that he will have to listen to his coach and work more with his teammates.

Of course, there are also a lot of musical numbers. Sixth grader Jaelyn Nawrocki said the students started out learning songs before they started rehearsing the whole piece.

“We had been practicing music for longer, but we have been acting for a month”, she says.

The girls playing the cheerleading squad members also learned how to use pom poms and form pyramids for the play’s opening and closing numbers. Nawrocki and fellow sixth grader Mya Walerius said it was a challenge.

It might get “tiring” to hold other cheerleaders to the top of the pyramid, Walerius said.

But the sixth graders said it was also fun to be the main cast of the play this year. Malone said he looked forward to sharing God’s message with the public.

Sternke said things were going well at the end of Monday’s race.

“How are our actors and actresses feeling?” she asked the children.

“Pretty good!” the students responded.

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