Fulton Girls’ Mayfield Finishes First in Gans Creek Classic Blue 5K

On one of the best cross-country courses in the country, Fulton women’s cross-country runner Emery Mayfield finished first in the Gans Creek Classic Blue Division 5,000-meter race on Saturday in Gans Creek, Colombia.

Mayfield clocked 18 minutes, 50.6 seconds, 0.8 seconds faster than Platte County’s Sisley Mitchell, who finished second.

“She ran very smart, being patient running behind the first and second place runners for the first 3 miles of the race and then coming up to the front, going hand in hand with Sisley Mitchell from high school in the Platte County for the remaining 2 kilometers of the race,” Fulton coach George Yates said. “They rounded the final corner and Emery held on to outrun his opponent to the finish line. for first place. His previous best time this season was 20:01 and his goal was to run under 20.”

Mayfield did just that; she wasn’t the only Hornets runner with a strong showing at the event.

In the boys’ blue division, Carter Meyerhoff recorded a career-best time of 17:53.1 and finished 49th. It was the first time Meyerhoff broke 18 minutes.

Bowling Green’s Ben Chance won the race with a time of 16:01.4.

Meyerhoff led the Fulton men’s team to a 20th-place finish with 522 points, while Mayfield guided the women’s team to a 26th-place finish with 593 points. Tolton won the boys’ blue division race with 141 points; St. Joseph’s Academy took first place among girls with 91.

After Meyerhoff, Fulton boys’ finishes were Kai Foster 86th (18:29.4), Noah Thompson 113th (18:50.4), Noah Combs 126th (19:00.8), Bryer Mullins 169th (19:40 ,2), Adrian Lozano 184th (19:50.9) and Robert Monroe 223rd (20:48.1).

After Mayfield, Fulton girls’ finishes were Emily Boyd 141st (24:20.9), Jonna Vanzetti 158th (24:42.8), Emmy Begemann 205th (26:39.3), Greta Patten 206th (26:42 ,2), Abigail Bonnel 210th (26:51.5) and Chloe Schwinke 225th (27:57.7).

“Schools traveled from all over the state to participate in this race, so we were up against some really good competition,” Yates said. “Our kids raced well, even with the warm weather returning. …I saw a lot of positive things today and loved seeing the team challenged. It was a good day.”

Meanwhile, South Callaway, North Callaway, and New Bloomfield competed in the White Division. All three teams ran both races, but North Callaway was the only school with enough runners for one team to finish in the girls’ race.

In the boys’ race, North Callaway’s Tristan Young’s 18:46.6 was the best time for the Callaway County Schools runners; he finished 58th overall. South Callaway’s top runner was Dylan Dugan, who placed 88th with a time of 19:40.9, while New Bloomfield’s was Riley Connell, who finished 89th with a time of 19:41. 5.

Charlie Kinslow of West Platte won the event with a time of 16:33.4.

Behind Young, North Callaway’s finishes were Brendan Reinhard 77th (19:20.9), Gavin Rasmussen 150th (20:44.1), Kyle Scott 206th (22:18.3) and Caleb Rohrbach 249th (29:35, 9).

After Dugan, South Callaway’s finishes were Tucker Jones 97th (19:55.5), Nathan Russell 126th (20:20.5), Cole Brewer 135th (20:27.5), Ayden Munford 198th (22:02.4), Calvin Stuckey 202nd (22 : 07.0 ), Blaine Davis 232nd (24:51.3) and Aiden Wetherell 237th (25:29.0).

After Connell, New Bloomfield finishes were Porter Hurt 170th (21:02.5), Ben Loseman 229th (24:34.3), Cooper Webb 238th (25:36.6), Andrew Piper 239th (26:05.0), Brenan Fessler 240th (26 :19.7 ), Hunter Young 241st (26:25.9) and Lane White 242nd (26:53.1).

For the team standings, South Callaway placed 26th with 597 points, North Callaway 29th with 661 points, and New Bloomfield 32nd with 845 points. Saint Michel Archange won the event with 49 points.

In the white division women’s race, North Callaway’s Pressley Schmauch posted the fastest Callaway Schools athlete time, clocking 22:00.2 and placing 24th. South Callaway’s top runner was Kilea Holtmeyer, who took 63rd place with a time of 23:44.2, while New Bloomfield’s was Kaelyn Tighe, ranked 108th (25:42.4).

Elsa Henry of St. Michael the Archangel won gold as an individual in the event, clocking 18:55.6.

Behind Schmauch, North Callaway finishes were Grace Rasmussen 65th (23:47.6), Cassidy Murphy 126th (26:59.5), Carmen Overstreet 143rd (29:19.4), Kaitlynn Murphy 150th (30:25.1) and Katie Bernicky 157th (33 : 15.8 ).

After Holtmeyer, South Callaway’s finishes were Alexandra Spence 100th (25:29.4) and Shelby Doster 161st (34:28.5).

After Tighe, New Bloomfield’s finishes were Ella Trigg 132nd (27:19.0) and Alexis Mears 163rd (39:32.6).

In the team standings, North Callaway took 13th place with 321 points. Summit Christian Academy placed first with 65 points.

Next, Fulton will compete in the Laker 5K at 9 a.m. Saturday at Ha Ha Tonka in Camdenton. North Callaway and South Callaway will participate in the T-Bird Invite at 9 a.m. Saturday at North Callaway in Kingdom City. New Bloomfield will be attending the Show-Me conference at 4 p.m. on October 5 at South Callaway in Mokane.

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