High School Notebook: Volleyball Championship Coach Returning to North Myrtle Beach | Volleyball

Alex Sing needed a break.

Break time is over.

The former North Myrtle Beach volleyball coach who led the team to back-to-back state championships in 2018 and 2019 has been rehired for his former job with the Chiefs.

“I enjoyed my two years away, but I missed it,” Sing said. “I knew I would probably come back to it eventually. But our high school season collided with the club season and I did that for 14 seasons.

Sing, whose full-time job is the volleyball program director for the Grand Strand Juniors club, has been credited with developing talent across the region. In addition to this role with the club, he has also served as head coach at Waccamaw (2008-2011), Myrtle Beach Christian Academy (2011-2014) and Socastee (2015).

His first stint at Little River was from 2016 to 2019. In total, he has three state titles on his resume — two with the Chiefs and a third with Christian Academy in 2013.

In Sing’s absence, North Myrtle Beach won the VI-4A Region crown both years. However, the Chiefs were ousted in 2020 in the first round of the state playoffs and then fell in the third round last fall.

Certainly no bad seasons, but not up to par for a program that also had a 2012 state crown under its belt.

“As for volleyball in North Myrtle Beach, they have won three state championships. It was a rental that we [had] do it the right way,” Chiefs Athletics manager Tony Heilbronn said. “Coach Sing’s resume speaks for itself. When he left, he left in the lead. He had expressed his interest in returning and said he was ready for a new challenge. It’s not every day that a state champion coach wants to come to your school.

Sing stopped long before promising an immediate return to form. However, he said a small number of graduations combined with the return of outside hitters Olivia Borgman and Clara Cloninger, nothing is out of the question.

“There’s a talented group of kids putting in the time and the hard work,” Sing said. “At the end of the day, that’s their hope. It takes a team effort between players and coaches to get there. North Myrtle Beach has always been very supportive of this team. It was an important factor in my return, it was this return to this level.

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