HSFT Stop #41: Victory Christian – Home – WCBI TV

Columbus, MS (WCBI) – Chris Hamm had been Victory Christian’s head coach since the program’s inception in 1995. He decided to step back, and longtime assistant Andrew Pace was next to take over.

“I’ve been doing it for quite a long time, these guys are like kids to me, I love being around them,” Pace said. “It’s fun to come here every day to see what they’re working on for this upcoming season.”

“He’s the same, played for him and running for him is nice. He’s a good guy to be around,” said senior linebacker/offensive lineman Matthew Davis.

While Pace has gained the trust of his players, there has been a slight learning curve with the new role.

“Some of the decisions are harder now than before because it comes down to me. It’s the same when it comes to looking after children. More challenges come with decision making,” Pace said.

Victory Christian won just one game last year, but when it comes to expectations for 2022, Pace and his players aren’t holding back.

“We would like to see ourselves reach the championship with a young and enthusiastic team. The sky is the limit for them,” said Pace.

“We are capable of a lot. Young and short, but we can go all the way, we just need to stick together,” senior linebacker/offensive lineman Zac Carr said.

Victory Christian’s season opens at home on August 26 against Unity Christian Academy.

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