Interview with Beckett Mathunzi, PI investigating the case of the fake KFC food inspector

Private Investigator (PI), Beckett Mathunzi has been hired by KFC to track down the fake KFC Food Inspector. Bizcommunity caught up with him to better understand the investigation and find out how close he is to finding the fake food inspector.

Picture provided.

Tell us about the man behind the PI?

Hola heita. Kenna Inspector Beckett Mathunzi, the private detective working with KFC. Re zama ho bra tracker, KFC’s fake food inspector. This person thinks ha tolagal but we will find that person. I make it my only mission, for me it will be a highlight of my career. Do you have any leads for me?

When were you appointed to investigate? What are your qualities to investigate? Do you eat a lot of KFC?

I have worked for many years as a private investigator and I certainly have the experience to handle this investigation, I have been doing it for a long time. Sometimes, working at KFC, ho nale di challenge because their chicken is so finger-lickin’ good it distracts me… I’ve eaten a couple buckets overseeing this investigation. Mara, ke tla reng?

What clues have you investigated?

It’s hard, this person thinks he’s smart. Wang tlaka tlakantsamostly because every time this Fake Food Inspector has a meal, he leaves behind a paper chicken on the table. Maraif they’re reading this they should know to watch their backs cause i’m getting closer…

Do you think you’re any closer to identifying the fake inspector?

Ya, we are very close, very, very, close!

Keep an eye on Bizcommunity for Mathunzi’s progress on this puzzling case.

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