Jojo Immanuel-Lawson releases official music video for “The Cross” (WATCH)

It’s obviously the kind of heartfelt worship songs and videos that Jojo Immanuel-Lawson has become illustrious for. It captures both the essence of bowing before the cross in reverence, while hailing victory and the triumph of sacrifice:

What kind of love is this? I can’t understand Although I hurt you You always took my pain,” he sings.

This powerful acclamation of the power of the cross allows the listener to be more thoughtful.

It is unquestionably an edifying hymn and very well adapted to the Supreme Feast of the Christian Calendar – EASTER and makes it the very essence of our journey of faith. This music and the accompanying video are definitely anthemic and adoring in equal measure.

The listener is treated to an emotional yet spiritual journey through the process of redemption; the disposition before redemption and after redemption. It leaves you in a state of meditation on the pain of the cross that has brought us the freedom and meaning of a stubborn refusal to allow this painful cycle to recur, through our life choices.

It is the perfect response to the remembrance of the salvation won for us by the sacrifice on the cross. Our journey of faith begins and ends with the cross and the redemption and deliverance brought to us by this great sacrifice of our flavor must not be forgotten. This music by Jojo Immanuel-Lawson is commemorative.

As has become his signature, in this music and accompanying video, “God certainly takes all the glory and Christ exalted”. Watch the music video below and stream “The Cross” on all other music platforms.

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