Local Church Run ‘Pay What You Can’ Cafe and Food Truck | To eat


“Everyone loved what I did, and they knew I loved coffee even though I had no experience running a cafe. But they thought I could take on that role, and that’s what happened.

Myers described the cafe as “state of the art” thanks to the generous donation that started it. It sells a full line of espresso and other drinks. Hot drinks include cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos, hot chocolate and Chai latte.

Most of them can also be ordered cold, and the shop also sells cold infusions, smoothies, and iced tea.

The cafe sells a few baked goods, including croissants, cinnamon buns, muffins, and chocolate chip cookies. But the store does not manufacture any of these items in-house.

The truck, managed by Crystal Pluck, offers a standard menu of five starters, dessert, a few sides and drinks.

Starters include a quarter pound sirloin burger, bratwurst, chicken fillets, loaded BBQ chicken nachos and BBLT (bologna, bacon, lettuce and tomato).

The sides are fries and onion rings. Drinks consist of canned soda and bottled water.

“The truck stays busy,” Via said. “Especially during the summer we will have maybe 28 bookings in 30 days.

The Hope Truck doesn’t visit the usual breweries, but its regular concerts include local businesses, neighborhood pools, and even schools. Last fall, he attended all of the Oak Grove High School home football games when the pandemic shut down the school’s concession stand. The truck has been invited again for this football season.

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