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HACKETTSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Although we have come a long way in recognizing sexual orientation and gender identity around the world, LGBTQ people continue to face ridiculously harsh discrimination that negatively affects every aspect of their lives. life. Instead of unnecessary judgments, we all need to fully accept ourselves and recognize how worthy of respect and fair treatment we are. We all have the right to live authentically. Queer people should not just live their truth, but on their own terms. However, with the fear of ostracism, prejudice and hate crimes still rampant, it remains an ongoing battle. That’s why having a healthy support system to create healthy thought patterns so LGBTQ people can move forward with positivity, move beyond stereotypes and ignorance, and look forward to a bright future.

Lori Sweetman is a highly sought after life coach, speaker, and founder of LGBTQ Education and Consulting LLC.

“Through my coaching work, I empower queer people to live their lives authentically and with self-acceptance by wholeheartedly embracing all facets of themselves so they can live freely and without fear. Whether they’re questioning their place on the LGBTQ spectrum or need encouragement to come out, I offer the tools, resources, and support so they can discover their inner strengths and feel literally so empowered, that they find the courage to live without excuse and seek fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Unlike a counselor or therapist who helps someone with mental illness or trauma, Lori’s unique coaching style uses positive psychology interventions to help us move from feeling “just fine, but things are not all right”. just not well”, to excel and live the life we ​​have. to dream of. It is a liberating, life-affirming process, but also challenging and difficult. That’s why his coaching is all about asking the right questions to help us dig deep and go at our own pace and comfort level.

Through her empathetic, hands-on, hands-on approach, Lori is skillfully able to bring clients real world interventions so they can resonate deeply with and focus on their core values ​​and what enlightens them and affirms their need to acceptance and security.

“Whether you are just beginning your journey of self-discovery as a closed individual or struggling with your identity or relationships, my goals are to help you navigate life in an open and purposeful way. To live aligned with your core values, the truth and understanding of your desires so that you can move forward fearlessly in your own skin without fear of rejection and shame.

Lori’s deep personal struggles are what inspired her to become a coach. Growing up with the idea that she was “meant” to marry and be a stay-at-home mom was the path she followed, but even as a married woman with beautiful young children, at the inside, she felt dissociated, not recognizing her. true self. She realized that identifying as non-binary and lesbian was her truth, and she needed to shift her perspective to align with her true self.

“Growing up, it was extremely difficult for me to admit that I am a lesbian without feeling shrouded in shame because I heard people use the words homo and gay in a very negative way. Now I help my clients communicate and to express themselves by exploring their identity with optimism and loving who they are because there is no shame in being sexually fluid or gender different, but it is something to be celebrated.

Not only were Lori’s struggles internal, but as a teacher she noticed there was a complete lack of support for LGBTQ children which had far-reaching implications within her own community. These experiences led her to follow her true purpose and she returned to school and earned her Master of Arts in Psychology specializing in Gender and Sexual Fluidity. Today, as a coach and educator, her mission is to bring about positive change through educational programs and public speaking so that children grow up knowing who they are is not taboo and we must continue to fight for equality.

“Queer people need to understand that there is nothing wrong with who they are, that they are loved, and that they don’t need to follow society’s expectations. That’s the key to an abundant and amazing life.With my coaching, I help them embrace their authenticity as the wonderful people they truly are.

Lori says that apart from stigma and stereotyping, there is also an internalized shame that hinders a person’s growth into their full authentic identity.

She encourages us to surround ourselves with positivity and hope. Through our difficulties, we find resilience and never let oppression weigh us down.

Currently, she works on LGBTQ affirmation support groups and group life coaching programs so that queer communities can socialize and build a peer support system and help each other overcome their feelings of shame and stigma. internalized fear.

“If you want to live authentically and remove all these harmful mental blocks, we must embrace our struggles to find ourselves and regain our self-esteem. Know that many people are going through the same difficulties and we are not alone. In this perspective, we can move forward and follow our ambitions and objectives. I am here not only to support you on your journey, but also to help you grow positively.

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