Magnum Broadcasting Spanish-Christian Rhema Radio Aqui

Magnum Broadcasting Spanish-Christian Rhema Radio Aqui

Rhema Radio Aqui

Magnum Broadcasting launches Rhema Radio Aqui, a Spanish-Christian music Internet station, headquartered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and online at Rhema Radio Aqui translates to “the Word of God here” and is entirely in Spanish with a Christian theme. The internet station plays long sets of music, while Pastor Mario Barrios shares inspirational scriptures. The hope is to bring Rhema Radio Aqui to a broadcast point.

Apps are available for listening and for switching between messaging, email, social media, and phone calls. Patrick Ryan, Vice President/General Manager of Magnum Broadcasting, said, “This is the most robust interactive application available, making it easy for us to connect and stay connected.”

Pastor Mario and his wife, Pastor Inma, run Iglesia De Cristo Nuevo Pacto Ministerios Ebenezer in Scotland, Pennsylvania. The roots of began with the “Open Doors” radio church service, which recently marked its first anniversary. Sunday mornings after 8 a.m. on WEEO-FM (103.7). Pastor Mario presents in Spanish and his daughters take turns translating.

Brisa Barrios, currently in college, was tasked with collecting the music for the station. offers hundreds of inspiring Hispano-Christian songs.

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