MLCA/CCS Men’s Basketball Team Earns First District Tournament Victory

MOSES LAKE — The Moses Lake Christian Academy/Covenant Christian School (MLCA/CCS) men’s basketball team won their first game of the district tournament on Wednesday night.

The Lions took on Cascade Christian Academy (CCA) and won the game 72-15.

MLCA/CCS had been on fire since the jump in the first quarter. From the start, the team was on a roll and nearly unstoppable. From the first minute of the game, the Lions had a 5-0 lead over CCA. MLCA/CCS were able to lead to 19 points in the first quarter, bringing the score to 27-4 going into the second quarter.

In the second quarter, MLCA/CCS were suffering in their reserve players and lightening up on their pressure. Despite that, the CCA still couldn’t follow and the Lions brought their magnitude to 39-6 at the half.

In the third quarter, people saw the MLCA/CCS players start to relax and focus on game management as they continued to sink basket after basket and create turnovers.

At the start of the fourth quarter, MLCA/CCS led 59-13. Despite the huge lead, MLCA/CCS was not going to stop. He sank 13 more points before the end of the last quarter.

The Lions won the match with a big deficit of 72-15.

MLCA/CCS senior Pierre Boorman led the game with 18 points.

“What they did was play basketball. We left the press before we hadn’t even reached 20, the rest was just playing basketball,” said the MLCA/CCS head coach Emerson Ferguson.

Ferguson said he is focused on preparing his players to understand the mental side of basketball because he can’t do much as a coach on a physical level. He said his team is physically prepared for his opponents and he hopes he has instilled enough mental toughness in his team to be prepared against the District Tournament teams and hopefully the State Tournament. .

“I’ve always stressed that I want our level of practice to be the same as the level of play of others,” Ferguson said.

He also said he designed the program so players could get a jump on teams early in the game, but his team also has the will, the heart and the skill to come back from a deficit if needed.

Ferguson said he was really happy with the way the team played and he feels like his team’s hard work.

“I’m really glad they didn’t come over confident; I didn’t want them to be overconfident and I didn’t want them to fail to respect their opponent either. So they went out and just played basketball and that was what I wanted from them,” Ferguson said.

The team takes the feature high school home Saturday for the district tournament.

Ferguson said he wants the community to support the MLCA/CCS teams as they play in the second round of the District Tournament this weekend.

The MLCA/CCS girls play the home interim on Friday, and Ferguson wants the gym packed in support. Both matches begin at 7:30 p.m. at Daystar Gym.

The score of the box:

MLCA/CCS – 27 12 20 13 – 72

ACC – 4 2 7 2 – 15


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