Natasha Owens shoots ‘American Patriot’ with new studio album

Best known as a Christian music powerhouse with five studio albums to her credit, Natasha Owens is taking a stand with her upcoming album, american patriot. Produced for Radiate Music by GRAMMY nominee and multiple Dove Award winner Ian Eskelin, the new album will be available everywhere July 1, 2022.

Owens exploded onto the Christian music scene in 2016 and soon found herself touring with Christian music’s most iconic artists, including Michael W. Smith and Jason Crabb. His second album, We will risewas named “Inspirational Album of the Year” at the 2018 We Love Christian Music Awards, which led to a deal with Nashville-based Radiate Music and extensive media coverage, including appearances on Fox News, HLN, Newsmax and more.

With american patriotOwens takes a new direction and offers a bold, proud and powerful conceptual collection that connects an unwavering love of country with the themes of faith and family that have always played an important role in his art.

“The definition of a patriot is ‘a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors,'” the Texas native explains. “Put the word ‘American’ in front and it describes me perfectly. I am proud to be a patriot… I love this country so much. I can’t look at a waving flag without crying. It’s the same for me when I see a cross. We owe everything to God for saving us on the cross. But we owe all our freedom to soldiers, men and women. Freedom is the most expensive thing we own, and most of us, myself included, haven’t earned it. Every year, our society is moving further and further away from God and patriotism. America, even with all its faults, is still the greatest and greatest place on earth. I just thought it was time to help people remember what makes this land so great. I’m so grateful to be an American.

This stance is evident throughout the new album, which is packed with anthems that combine a contemporary pop sound, live strings and a cast of star collaborators. The album kicks off with “America First”, a subtle nod to America First Policy Institute. Owens says, “What’s wrong with the President of the United States saying he wants to put Americans first? I’m all about giving to other countries, but at the end of the day, I want my president or my elected official to watch over me, us, the American people, American children, American veterans and homeless Americans in first. And if they can’t say ‘America First’, then they don’t deserve to lead.”

The album is also sure to get attention for the pro-life anthem, “Stand For Life.” “This one was written for the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America group, for every pro-life organization and pro-life person,” says Owens. “It’s just a statement that I stand up for life, boldly before God and the whole world. Hopefully this will give others enough courage to stand up, vocalize and fight for the cause. Life is precious. Life begins at conception. An embryo is not a collection of cells. It is a miracle of God. Everything that has a heartbeat is alive.

The new song collection also includes “Freedom Is The Song”, “Prayer For America” ​​and the up-and-coming ballad “Broad Stripes, Bright Stars”, as well as powerful new renditions of iconic standards: “God Bless America”, ” My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee’, ‘America The Beautiful’, ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ and ‘God Bless The USA’

Owens has made regular appearances on the conservative circuit in recent months, including frequent visits to Mar A Lago and a main stage appearance at CPAC 2022 in Orlando, performing the national anthem for the most important annual gathering of conservatives. and most influential in the world. She also performed in front of nearly 50,000 people at this year’s Hero’s Honor Festival alongside Toby Keith and Craig Morgan.

“My plan is to chart a course and spread as much hope as possible,” says Owens. “I would like to sing for as many veterans, soldiers and police officers as possible, to let them know how much I appreciate them. There are so many people who think like me These soldiers need to hear that They don’t always hear the appreciation I sang at a Hero’s Honor Festival and I can’t describe to you the feeling I had when I saw the tears and the smiles on the faces of our veterans. It gave me such fulfillment.

Owens’ path to a successful musical career is unique, rooted in agonizing heartache and incredible tragedy. Twelve years ago, his father died suddenly while cleaning his guns when one of them misfired, placing a bullet in his chest. She remembers dimly. “I sank into depression and almost didn’t make it. I was in a battlefield of the spirit and a fight for my life. God gave me the opportunity to walk the road music to help give people hope and encouragement, that they could succeed and God would help them through. I’m a living example of that. I wouldn’t be alive today if God didn’t hadn’t crossed my path when he did.

“Each album has been another chapter in my healing. From succeeding, to rising above, to being a warrior and standing on a solid foundation for Christ, I’ve talked a lot about being a follower mental health. I feel like this is just an extension of my ministry. Soldiers are true warriors physically on the battlefield. But serving this country creates scars. They return home physically , but the real battle begins, from PTSD to physical disabilities to pure brokenness. They try to be strong and they try to hold back, but the battlefield in their minds rages. Society and the church have failed in mental health. For so long it’s been taboo to really talk about it. And the church is so faith-based that they just say, ‘well, you don’t have enough faith’ or ‘you just need to pray more.’ There are circumstances that paralyze us so much that we are lucky enough to have between breaths. We are just in survival mode. Jesus is the way out. I am a survivor, so I have to say things in a way that people can feel empathy, then I can show them my friend Jesus.

Owens adds, “A portion of all revenue generated by american patriot will go out to support, honor and invest directly in our military men and women, and ensure that those who sacrificed for freedom are never forgotten.

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