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Dany Ocean, @DannOcean (Atlantic Recording Corp.)

Three years after his first set 54+1Danny Ocean releases his second album @DannOcean, titled after his social media handle. The 16-track set is home to single “Istanbul”, a futuristic reggaeton jam with hints of 80s new wave. It also includes many previously released bops, such as “Apartamento”, a dance-pop track with perreo melodies describing his feelings for a neighbor he sees from the balcony of his apartment. Tracks “Rubia sol morena luna v2” and “???” see Ocean explore with edgy punk rock beats, while his Tokischa-assisted “Dorito & Coca-Cola” is downtempo electro-dembow. In “Fuera de Mercado”, he is ready to win back a past love but she has already moved on. The Venezuelan artist also collaborates with Justin Quiles, Tini, Dread Mar I and Guaynaa. He ends the set with a freestyle called “La Naturaleza”. —JESSICA ROIZ

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Christian Nodal, “Ya No Somos Ni Seremos” (Sony Music Latin)

Less than a week after his very public split with ex-fiancée Belinda, Christian Nodal laments his heartbreak in new track “Ya No Somos Seremos (We Aren’t Anymore and We’ll Never Be)”. In his signature mariacheno style, the track – his first release via Sony, his new label – written by Nodal and his go-to songwriter Edgar Barrera finds the 23-year-old artist telling the ultimate ending to a love story. “I wanted to cover my face in tattoos to cover the kisses you left behind,” he sings pathetically. “They say time heals everything and I know that’s a lie. It is impossible to forget the love of my life. —GRISELDA FLORES

Dimelo Flow, Rauw Alejandro and Farruko feat. Mr. Vegas, Maria Becerra and Fatman Scoop, “Suelta” (Rich Music)

This track takes you back in time – the 90s to be exact, when you popped your favorite tape into the stereo. “Suelta” samples Mr. Vegas’ 1998 hit “Heads High,” an iconic and recognizable classic brought into the new era of reggaeton. Dimelo Flow, Rauw Alejandro and Farruko team up with Mr. Vegas, Maria Becerra and Fatman Scoop to deliver a new track filled with energy and catchy vibes that blend perfectly with dancehall and reggaetón beats. — INGRID FAJARDO

Eix, De La Ghetto & Maffio, “60 Segundos” (The Show Music/Duars Entertainment)

A saxophone melody kicks off the opening seconds of “60 Segundos,” before transitioning into a sultry dancehall groove, led by Dominican hitmaker Maffio. Duars Entertainment newcomer Eix and reggaeton star De La Ghetto join forces on this track to win over a girl. “Give me a minute of your life, love me even if it’s not real,” Eix’s crisp voice sings in the chorus. As always, De La Geezy adds his sweet words. “60 Segundos” fuses various Caribbean flavors from kizombo to dancehall with a touch of sexy jazz. —JR

Nathy Peluso, “Emergence” (Sony Music Spain)

Nathy Peluso is a force to be reckoned with and constantly keeps us on our toes with her ground-breaking music. His latest single — in partnership with PlayStation and inspired by the video game Forbidden Horizon West and its protagonist Aloy — is no exception. The high-energy electronic track “Emergencia” drops alongside a music video that showcases the Argentinian artist’s liberating dance moves. “With Aloy, above all, I share this energy of surpassing, this courage and the strength that she exudes when she does all that she does,” said Peluso, who is expected to make her Coachella debut this year, in a communicated. “The game is a constant state of emergency because the world is collapsing and Aloy has to fight and fight to get through it.” —GF

Ozuna, “Deprimida” (Sony Music Latin)

In true Ozuna fashion – and with his signature high voice – he features the year’s first single, “Deprimida”, which will be included on his upcoming album. OZUTOCHI, due later this year. The song tells the story of a woman who faces bad relationship problems while escaping on a captivating new adventure. “He’s getting you down, he thinks you’re hurt, every time you tumble, I change your day, he’s getting you down, he thinks you’re hurt, he’s waiting for you to come back, and there you are,” the artist chart-topping Puerto Rican sings in the chorus. – IF

Duki, Emilia, “Esto Recién Empieza” (DALE Play Records/SSJ Records)

The Argentinian lovebird couple formalize their relationship with their new single “Esto Recién Empieza”. Combining Duki’s rap voice and Emilia’s pop essence, the track is a charming reggaeton single where the two artists sing the beginning of their love story. In the music video, Emilia and Duko share never-before-seen clips of the two on romantic dates. “Esto Recien Empieza” marks the duo’s second collaboration, after “Como Si No Importara”. —JR

Edén Muñoz, “Chale” (Music by Lizos)

“Chale” is Eden Muñoz’s first single as a solo artist following his departure from Caliber 50. As promised, the new track retains its norteño essence, but is fueled by big band arrangements for a refreshing take on its signing style. In the Heartbreak treak, Muñoz sings to overcome the one who broke his heart. “You left me with so many insecurities and it’s not fair. But I’m gonna dust that off and move on,” he sings. About “Chale,” Muñoz previously said Billboard“It will still be a party, a drinking song but it will include jazz percussion, mariachi and a subtle tuba. You probably think I’m talking nonsense here, but you’ll understand when you listen to it. Believe me.” —GF

C. Tangana & Luis Segura “Bobo” (Sony Music Entertainment)

Bachata is a genre with which C. Tangana not only feels comfortable, but which suits him well. Experimenting again with Caribbean rhythms, his new bachata track was released on the deluxe version of his award-winning album, El Madrileno, “Bobo” – featuring Dominican Republic icon and self-proclaimed “Father of Bachata”, Luis Segura. The guitar-led heartbreak track finds the pair reminiscing about a former lover. “You painted a beautiful picture…I was a loser,” Tangana sings. But all hope is not lost, because there is another girl who has already caught his eye. —GF

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