Opening of a new health and wellness center in Hillsborough

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — After being hit by a car and contracting Lyme disease, Tammie Starnes took control of her health and wellness. Now she hopes to heal others at her new Abundant Healing Center which will open in Hillsborough on Saturday.

“My passion has always been health, always education and sharing good things. And that’s what it’s all about. Learning new things, learning new techniques and learning to manage your own health” , Starnes said.

Originally from Montana, Starnes moved to Belle Mead. Her life began to change at age 23 when she contracted Lyme disease and couldn’t turn her neck. She started having massages and continued for five years.

Her recovery prompted her to enroll in a massage school at the age of 28. Halfway through her studies, she was hit by a car.

“It got me interested in chronic pain management,” Starnes said.

She went to work in various facilities in the area, including palliative care and chiropractors.

When the COVID pandemic hit, it created a lot of stress for people. Starnes and her daughter decided to travel 7 hours to Ohio to try the Harmonic Egg – a patented chamber created to promote healing and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

It was the closest place to Hillsborough.

“It helped both of us calm down and get better, so I decided to bring him to Hillsborough,” Starnes said. “So if I brought the Egg, I might as well open this center.”

Starnes has decided to open Abundant Healing at 311 Amwell Rd Suite 6 in Hillsborough and is having a grand opening Saturday from noon to 4:20 p.m.

Abundant Healing offers a variety of services including massage therapy, Reiki with ancient instruments and crystals, harmonic eggs, yoga, red light therapy, negative ion foot bath, facials, etc

Staff available to provide information on each service offered. Tours and gifts will also be offered.

For more information, visit or call 908-777-1363.

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