Prevent Divorce and Restore Marriage Through Your Abundant Life Now Through Changes That Break Down Barriers and Boost True Love to Your Heart

Your Abundant Life Now works with couples, business people and people struggling with relationship issues (romantic and non-romantic), sales issues, fears, personal behaviors and addictions to improve their situation in life. life. It considers six essential aspects for the healthy development of an individual. These are spirituality, money, personal growth/skills, partnerships (lovers/business/ministry), support systems (friends/family or employees/mentors) and health/fitness physical.

According to advertisements published by Your Abundant Life Now and Darrell Lonergan, the relationship coaching provided at this office focuses primarily on divorce prevention and wedding catering. Coaches take a unique approach here that focuses on wholeness. Other therapies address relationship issues through counseling and psychology to treat the situation as one would treat a disease or disorder. Your Abundant Life Now affirms that people are already blessed with the resources they need to live healthy lives. The relationship experts at this center develop solutions to transform strained relationships where couples can love again and family bonds grow stronger.

Your Abundant Life Now has the expertise to enable clients to discover the resources already present within themselves in order to develop new relationships.

This relationship coaching center is located in the Cityplex Towers. Coaches interact in person or via Zoom, so they can work with clients from anywhere. They focus on more than just romantic relationships and enable clients to overcome the trauma of past abuse. Coaches have helped couples prevent divorce and build lasting relationships.

Business and sales professionals who want to increase their productivity and increase their profits can also benefit immensely from the expertise offered here. They will learn how to stop procrastinating and overcome their apprehensions about cold calling and their fears about sales and public speaking.

Entrepreneurs can set goals and work towards them with a sensible action plan. Your Abundant Life Now also offers a program that teaches business people a practical way to build business credit, separate from their personal credit.

Coaches also help people struggling with addictions to tobacco, pornography, gambling, games and more.

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Darrell Lonergan of Your Abundant Life Now said, “My wife and I are Board Certified: Master NLP Practitioners, Master Hypnotherapists, Master TIME Practitioners, Master Success Coaches, and EFT Practitioners. We’ve been married for almost 19 years and have been asked to teach others how to have a good marriage for at least 12 years, so we finally decided to officially do it as a business.

My wife and I spent almost a decade as truck drivers until the end of last year. We spent an entire month with the truck in the store and came across an advertisement for certification in NLP, hypnosis, etc. So we decided to go for it and get started. Since then, I’ve lost a lot of weight (and still have a lot to do), gained a lot of energy, and helped many others transform their lives.

We don’t need to spend months or years reviewing every detail of a client’s life to make changes. For a single problem, the change can be made in about an hour. A total life transformation, our all-in-one package only takes 4-6 full day sessions, which can be spread out to accommodate planning and to allow some time for changes to take effect. place between sessions. This completely transforms the client’s life in each of the 6 areas to give a total overhaul and eliminate all past issues. When asked how such changes could be made so quickly, Darrell just smiled and said, “It’s about knowing how to work with the whole mind. Most people try to change with willpower alone, which is only about 0.006% of the mind. Can you imagine trying to turn around on a cruise ship with a rudder that is only 0.006% of the surface of the ship’s hull? If you ever change course, it will take a long time. What we’re doing is more like turning a small fish around. He uses his whole body to effect the change. It happens so fast you can’t even see it. That’s how it is when you use the whole mind to make a change instead of just the will.

About the company:

Your Abundant Life Now empowers couples to save marriages, avoid divorce, and build healthy relationships. He has worked with business people and helped them increase their productivity and grow their businesses. Customers can expect rapid positive change within hours or days, not months or years.

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