Spring has arrived at SSU – Sonoma State Star

Campus pools are busy, lawns are dotted with Sonoma State students and community members exchanging smiles and waves as they make their way to work and class.

Spring has hit Sonoma County, and so has warmer weather. Last week in Rohnert Park, temperatures peaked at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, prompting many students to get outside and enjoy the warm weather.

Campus pools are generally a popular amenity for students to use in hot weather. There are two swimming pools available on campus for students. One located in Zinfandel Village and the other in Beaujolais Village. The two swimming pools are accessible 7 days a week with variable hours.

Mina Riveira, a third-year student at SSU, recently shared her thoughts on campus pools: “During the school year, I usually find myself only using the hot tubs. But when the weather is nice like us had it recently, I’m most definitely enjoying the pool, good to have here on campus at this time of year.

The Sonoma State campus is also full of outdoor landscapes including ponds, gardens, and pleasant lawns. Some places to visit on campus would be the Butterfly Garden, the Environmental Center, and the area surrounding the Green Music Center. Emma Liao, a third-year student at SSU, talked about some of her favorite places on campus: “I really like hanging out around the pond near the Wine Spectator building. It’s so peaceful and the ducks hanging out there are so cute.

Other students take their sunny adventures off campus and into other parts of Sonoma County. Shane Clifton, a fourth-year student at SSU, shared his experiences on the Russian River: “The river is an awesome place, I feel like it’s definitely a place where a lot of students bond and bond. get together for fun. I usually only go when it’s really hot as the water can be a bit chilly”

The Sonoma County Life Opens Up Travel Guide lists some great places along the Russian River to visit: “The most accessible and popular places along the Russian River tend to be around Guerneville. Vacation Beach, Johnson’s Beach, and Bullfrog Pond are a few easy and fun places to check out if you want to visit the Russian River.”

Sunny days can also be enjoyed along the Sonoma Coast. Fourth-year SSU student Tanner Shallahamer shared his recent experience up Bodega Bay: “It’s a really pretty coastline here and Bodega Bay is beautiful. It’s especially nice when it’s as hot as it is right now.

There are a number of beaches in and around Bodega Bay that visitors can enjoy. Shallahamer went on to list his favorite beaches in Sonoma: “My three destinations are Salmon Creek, Dillon Beach or Doran Regional Park. There are other cool beaches further north, but these three are always safe bets”

In this beautiful weather, some students decide to avoid the water and head to vineyards for a wine tasting. Sonoma County is renowned for its wine industry and many tasting rooms are located in the area.

Drew Schivo, a fourth-year student at SSU, summed up some of his wine tasting experiences in the region: “Wine tasting is fun. It’s a fun thing to do with friends and ends up being a cool experience hanging out in the vineyards.”

Schivo also shared some of his favorite wineries in the area: “If you’re ready to splurge, Castello Di Amorosa is a pretty epic spot in Calistoga. If you’re on a tighter budget, La Crema in Windsor has a lovely outdoor venue and you’ll have a great time.”

These are just a few of the things our campus and county in Sonoma State have to offer during the spring season.

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