Suspended MP Rupa Huq apologizes for ‘racist’ comments

British Labor MP Rupa Huq has apologized to Kwasi Kwarteng after he was suspended from the party for describing him as “superficially” black during a meeting on the sidelines of the conference.

She offered Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng “a heartfelt and heartfelt apology”, reports the Guardian.

The party whip suspended the MP for making what have been accused of being ‘racist’ comments about the chancellor.

She has been suspended from sitting as a Labor MP, pending an investigation.

In a statement on Tuesday, Huq said: “I contacted Kwasi Kwarteng today to offer my sincere and sincere apologies for the comments I made during the side meeting of yesterday’s labor conference. .

“My comments were misjudged and I sincerely apologize to anyone involved.”

Huq could be heard on a short recording obtained by the Guido Fawkes website saying, “I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. He’s superficially a black man.”

She said Kwarteng went to “the best schools in the country” and added, “If you hear him on the Today show, you wouldn’t know he’s black.”

Huq had faced swift condemnation for his comments.

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