The Grand Prairie Quilt Society celebrates its pieces at its February meeting

The Grand Prairie Quilt Society met on February 9 in the fellowship hall of the First Christian Church in Stuttgart with seven members in attendance.

The chef opened the meeting with the thought for the day: “Of course I work…it’s a power tool with wire.” The January minutes and treasurer’s report have been given, according to a press release.

The leader asked for ideas for a civic project for the club. Several suggestions were made by members and they will inquire and report back next month.

Registration is open for Country Quilt Camp at the Cross Heirs Retreat Center June 2-5 in Humphrey.

The host shared with the group a clue she had heard to make the cut easier.

“If you use a flat iron as a weight on your ruler, it keeps the ruler from slipping as you cut,” she said, adding that it worked.

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The leader had several items to show the group: crocheted baby hats for Delta; mini tote bags and small bags, shorts and book bags for Christmas shoe boxes.

Another member showed off her snowy project – a Colonial Williamsburg puzzle she put together during the ice and snow.

One member had a baby quilt and a wildlife quilt top.

One member had a little quilted children’s book featuring colorful animals with peekaboo pockets.

The members also reminisced about times when their grandmothers washed clothes without the modern conveniences people enjoy today.

The treasure table was once again filled with patterns, books, fabrics, and many other items to choose from. It always proves to be a popular gathering place for one and all.

The next meeting will be a Sit n’ Sew on March 9 at the church. Interested participants are encouraged to bring lunch and projects and join the group.

Print Title: Grand Prairie Quilt Society Celebrates Pieces at February Meeting

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