The list of candidates for the May primaries remains unchanged

After the filing deadline, the election will feature only two local contested races. Vale Mayor Tom Vialpando filed a nomination against outgoing Malheur County Judge Dan Joyce, while Vale-area resident Jim Mendiola filed a nomination against outgoing County Commissioner Don Hodge .

Ballot boxes at the Malheur County Courthouse in Vale and Ontario, Nyssa and Jordan Valley will serve as ballot collection points in the 2022 primary election. (The Company/FILE)

VALE – The list of local candidates for the May elections has not changed after the March 8 filing deadline.

There will only be two contested races on the local ballot in the May election, both positions are in Malheur County Court.

Vale Mayor Tom Vialpando filed a nomination against outgoing Malheur County Judge Dan Joyce. Meanwhile, Vale-area resident Jim Mendiola has filed his candidacy against outgoing county commissioner Don Hodge.

No one has come forward to appear against Malheur County Clerk Gayle Trotter or Malheur County Treasurer Jennifer Forsyth or Malheur County Circuit Court Judge Erin Landis and District Attorney District of Malheur County, Dave Goldthorpe.

State Rep. Mark Owens, R-Crane, will be running for re-election and also will not face an opponent.

The election is Tuesday, May 17.

The last day for new Oregon voters to register to vote or current voters to change party affiliation for the May election is Tuesday, April 26.

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