The reason Pete Davidson jumped on SNL’s comeback

Saturday Night Livereturned from a hiatus without fan-favorite cast member Pete Davidson. According to E! News, Davidson was busy filming his next horror flick, “The Home.”

Pete Davidson at Miley’s New Years Eve Party.

Davidson, who has been on SNL since 2014, skipped the show’s return, hosted by his close friend John Mulaney. According to an insider, who confirmed Davidson was going to miss the episode before it aired, Davidson was busy filming his new movie “The Home.”

The film, directed by James DeMonaco, is Davidson’s first horror project and is an exciting opportunity for his career, which has mostly focused on the comedic side of his talents. Davidson will play Max, the film’s protagonist, who works in a nursing home and must confront the demons of his past. By Deadlineas Max settles into his new position, he begins to encounter employees and guards who hide strange things, and begins to explore the fourth floor of the house, a forbidden section.

by TUBI "The Monster Brothers" Experience©GettyImages
Pete Davidson at the premiere of his show ‘The Freak Brothers’.

Pete Davidson has been making headlines lately due to his relationship with Kim Kardashian and the feud Kanye West engineered. In recent weeks, West has been teasing songs bearing Pete’s name and bragging about pushing Davidson off Instagram.

“Ran Skete off the gram,” West shared on his Instagram. “Tell your mother that I changed your name for life.” Despite the drama West is encouraging, he seems to be the only one interested in this feud, with Kim Kardashian repeatedly asking him to stop and keep pushing for his divorce.

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