The Truth of Easter Shines Brightly and Brings Abundant Healing

By Bishop Tim Harris

As this short reflection is written, the war in Ukraine continues to produce gruesome scenes of death and destruction.

These images are real and confronting, especially for those of us who have never experienced war first hand.

COVID-19 and recent flooding in South East Queensland and beyond is adding to a feeling of “heaviness of heart”. A kind of “perfect storm” has hit us.

Yet in that darkness comes light. The theme of Easter morning echoes that of the Easter Vigil.

Our faith tells us that Jesus rose from the dead and those who believe and are baptized participate in this resurrection to new life.

Easter recalls and celebrates the very foundation of Christianity.

In short, everything will be fine. No perfect storm or collective terror will have the last word.

This is still true even though the pope calls this war a “senseless massacre and a sacrilegious attack on human life”.

Easter brings life back because death is always overcome.

The tragedy of course is that humanity sometimes chooses “death” even when offered life. This is called sin.

This journey from Ashes to Easter is the story of life as we continue to reflect and pray, turning away from sin as we seek to embrace the gospel.

The truth of Easter shines brightly in a world in need of healing, restoration and reconciliation.

Human beings are created in the image and likeness of God and so often we as individuals fail to respect this. Hence the powerful reminder this Easter that now is the time to radically let go and let God.

The resurrection is not only a victory for Christ, but also a victory for us.

He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.

Christ is the only one who gives total meaning to our existence.

This Easter we are invited to rise with Christ.

Trust Him in troubled times (and always) as we sing: Alleluia Alleluia

Bishop Tim Harris is the Bishop of Townsville

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