TobyMac talks about his upcoming album “Life After Death”

Toby Mac. Photo courtesy of Robby Klein

Christian music superstar TobyMac has opened up about his highly anticipated upcoming studio album “Life After Death.”

He talked about his next studio deal. “When I started working on the songs that make up the ‘Life After Death’ project, I had no idea where this dark valley would take me. I have always written songs from my own experiences. . My life. The good, the bad and the ugly. But so far, even though I’ve had difficulties, most of my writing has come out of the good, because life was good. And I knew it was good. it was, I didn’t take it for granted, I was aware and counted my blessings,” TobyMac said.

“When we lost Tru, I had to overcome my feelings and beliefs,” he admitted. “I had to react to know that I was alive. A few days after his passing, I wrote 21 years to honor my beautiful firstborn son and to let God know how I felt.

“After a few weeks, I started to wonder how my family is going to cope? How can we possibly navigate this grief? I asked my daughter Marlee if she wanted to try writing a song about our feelings and the pain we were going through. And she said “yes”. Sometimes music can work like medicine, or writing words and melodies can be like therapy. I was just hoping for some togetherness on the piano and a song emerged called ‘Everything About You’,” he explained.

TobyMac continued, “I was still so numb a few months later, my heart broke and another song came out of my loss. It’s actually one of my favorites on the record, a song called ‘Faithfully’. I wrote “I may never be the same man again but I am a man who still believes”. I struggled to believe the words as I wrote them, trying to speak of trust in existence.

“One day I said to myself, I guess I’ll write songs of my sadness for the rest of my life. Sure, they don’t lack confidence, but I don’t think I’ll ever write another upbeat song. It’s just not into me anymore,” TobyMac said.

“And then I read a scripture that caught my eye,” he admitted. “I had never noticed it before and it spoke directly to my heart. It said God was rolling up his sleeves.

“I couldn’t get those images out of my mind and they started taking root in my soul,” he added.

“Months later, while writing alone in a restaurant, I wrote on a napkin… ‘You are still the goodness in my life,'” he said. “I knew that moment, it had to be a song. In all my pain and sorrow, the unexpected began to emerge. I didn’t think it was possible, and though I’ll never be the same , it was undeniably a bit of joy. God did not leave. He stayed. And I will forever be a different man. A saint is not someone who is good, a saint is someone who is experience the goodness of God.

“I know this goodness, I have tasted it. And while it will always be messy, I am now a believer in ‘life after death,'” he said.

“Life After Death” is available for pre-order on digital service providers by clicking here.

With over 16 million units sold in career and seven Grammy Awards, TobyMac’s career continues in the fast lane. Her 2015 RIAA Gold-certified studio album, “This is Not a Test,” earned a Grammy and Billboard Music Award nomination in addition to debuting at No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200.

Each of his six solo studio albums achieved gold certification, a first for an artist in the history of his label, Capitol Christian Music Group.

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