Wild carousel data review as 570 coaches change jobs

Nothing is a certainty in college football, and it is this maxim that ensures chaos during the season and changes that change the landscape during the offseason.

Wins, losses and upsets keep us engaged every Saturday in the fall. Cinderellas and underachievers give us hope. The out-of-nowhere Heisman Trophy contender and small-conference giant killers provide entertainment and thrills, but what we tend to forget are the consequences of such feats. Overachieving coaches and players see their stars rise, but they usually do so at the expense of another competitor. Coaches are fired or expelled after losing big games, and others turn big wins into bigger paychecks and new opportunities. Players do the same through the transfer portal, seeking new lands to conquer after a successful season or when they tire of their lot in life.

Simply put, chaos reigns and the fallout each year is massive.

The coach carousel almost always spins but it’s never faster than during the winter months. An incredible 570 coaches were hired or promoted through the FBS this offseason, and several jobs are still open before April, according to 247Sports research. Twenty-nine head coaches have been hired into the sport, the most since 2012. Fourteen of those coaches are rookies.

Through its own reporting and research, 247Sports has compiled a database of every coaching change in college football after the 2021 season. The results paint a picture of an ever-changing sport.

According to research by 247Sports, 2,203 telltale players have entered the transfer portal in the current cycle. The number seems huge, but not with the context. FBS teams have seen turnover in the transfer portal at a rate of just 5.6% of its squad (105 players) while the average turnover rate for coaches (one head coach and 10 assistants) is 40%. in the current cycle, according to 247Sports’ data.

And don’t forget: not all players on the portal are scholarship holders.

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